Photo Challenge: Joy

photo (7)

Pure joy, playing in a buttercup patch.


Photo Challenge: Grand

The first time I saw the ocean seastacks of the Oregon coast, my jaw dropped. These magnificent seastacks are my interpretation of grand.



A Saturated Sunset

A few friends and I spent an evening camped out on a beach blanket last summer, surreptitiously drinking wine from polka dot plastic glasses and eating red velvet cupcakes in honour of my pup’s 4th birthday. At the end of the beach party, I took a photo of this intense summer sunset. I love this photo because it instantly takes me back to that fun, sugar-high, wine-buzzed, doggie birthday on the beach.

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An Unusual POV

photo (11)

Open your heart in wheel pose.

Taken at an outdoor yoga class that was part of the Seawheeze closing festival

and snapped from my unique vantage point of being exhausted and lying on my belly in the grassy park.