Anthropologist/Environmentalist/Author Wade Davis was speaking at the SFU Downtown campus last night and I couldn’t wait to attend. I was looking forward to an interesting talk about his adventures in the Amazon and being in awe of his gorgeous photography. His talk, however, kicked me in the butt! I feel like I’ve been living in a comfortable, little bubble and Wade Davis just walked up with an eco-warrior pin and burst my bubble. His talk focused on BC’s Headwaters, the Stikine, Skeena and Nass rivers and how the trio are being threatened by Shell Oil.

Hearing him speak really woke me up and shook me up!

The event let to a long conversation between my friend and I about how we could help our beautiful, endangered planet.  We mulled over the options and decided that one important way would be to decrease our carbon footprint by living minimally. No waste. No unnecessary, shop-oholic spending, just the necessities.  We also decided to shop as locally as possible. We liked the side benefit of helping our local economy, artists and designers. So we said goodbye to big box stores, faceless shopping malls and Made in China labels.

I’m excited to see where our local, minimalist adventure takes us!