The Christmas Market

Visiting the German Market on Christmas Eve brings back happy childhood memories of visiting my Oma and Opa in Northern Germany and gorging on huge bars of marzipan, schnitzel and frites. I always went to Germany an average sized child and came back one or two sizes bigger. Every single time.

The market food, decorations, mistletoe, music, bustling crowd and, the thing my inner child loves most, the bright, colourful carousel, all make my heart smile. It also signifies the beginning of my long awaited Christmas holidays. So, with a bratwurst in one hand and a gluhwein in the other, I am ready to get festive and indulge!

Merry Christmas xo


3 Comments on “The Christmas Market

  1. Although the only city we stopped in was Hamburg, we came away wishing we’d been able to visit the whole of your marvellous country. I mean, that sausage with sauerkraut in a bun? – if I hadn’t become a vegetarian I’d rush out and make myself one right now! [grin]

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