Black Friday

fight club

Well, it looks like this year there’s only been one stabbing in a Walmart parking lot and one shooting over an on-sale tv in Las Vegas. A pretty stellar year for the feeding frenzy called Black Friday.

Now, it’s not that I never shop. It’s just not one of my preferred ways to spend my time. But I am familiar with the fleeting thrill of finding just the right piece to perk up your wardrobe or decorate your home. Black Friday, however, is a whole other world. A holiday that was traditionally about reflecting, feeling grateful and spending time with friends and family has turned into an exercise in excessive mass consumption and random violence.

And just how did shopping become the most important activity in our society? I mean, when you think about it, how sad. Out of all of the things we could value: the arts, giving back, community, shopping somehow has become our most talked about, celebrated and advertised thing to do? So, of course, if getting the lowest price so you can buy more and more stuff to fill your home with is the most important thing to you and you’re feeling a little competitive, then why wouldn’t you stab some guy who’s threatening your once-a-year deal? Right? Sigh…

The thing that bothers me the very most about Black Friday is that is has nothing, nothing, nothing to do with Canada. It’s not our Thanksgiving. We never used to have Black Friday sales until the past few years. Why does it seem that we only adopt the absolute worst of America?

Big Mac anyone?

My biggest hope for North America is that by next year we realize that true happiness comes from connection with friends and family. Sharing food, sharing laughs and sharing troubles. Not from pushing people out of the way at your suburban big box store so you can drain your bank account and stuff your house with more junk that will never, ever improve your life the way you hope it will.

Happy American Thanksgiving.

b fri

3 Comments on “Black Friday

  1. On my way home from dinner last night I made a quick stop at a Bed, Bath & Beyond store – oblivious to the fact that it was “Black Friday.” I needed one gift and ended up purchasing two items. The store was not crowded and the help was abundant and courteous. Much to my surprise, both of the items I bought came with a 20% discount because of a Black Friday promotion. All on a whim, a favorable outcome. Had I given the prospect of shopping on this day a conscious thought, I would have never ventured out. Some times, the convenience gods are just present. 🙂

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