Claudia & Taya #4

Walking back to work, I decided to take a short cut across the Art Gallery lawn and as I turned the corner I saw a beautiful woman sitting on the gallery steps, sipping a Starbucks. She was in full make-up with a perfect topknot and wearing a gorgeous, ivory wedding dress. What? I looked over and saw another woman, fiddling with her camera, getting ready to photograph her. A fashion shoot and I didn’t have my Nikon with me. Arggghh!

photo (2)

I walked away, thinking they would have been amazing strangers to photograph and I’m going to have to start carrying one of my cameras with me every single day for the rest of my life. Then I thought, hey, I have my iphone, that’s better than nothing. So I approached Taya and Claudia with my card and asked if I could take their photos. Yes, I could.

I asked Claudia what was the best thing about being a model and she said “ a tie between being pampered and seeing the final photographs.” I asked her what the worst thing was and she said “Shoes. Definitely shoes. Walking down the runway in shoes that are one size too small or two sizes too big is a nightmare. ”

Okay, the shoe thing sounds annoying but, still, there is something so magical and dreamy about the fashion industry. Like stumbling upon a princess in a stunning gown of silk and tulle, sipping a Starbucks and lounging on the art gallery steps, on a Tuesday afternoon.

Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world. – Marilyn Monroe

Thank you Claudia and Taya for being my fourth strangers.



5 Comments on “Claudia & Taya #4

  1. Loved it! Funny, but once you made the comment about the shoes, that’s what I looked for in the picture. It’s up to my imagination now…definitely Cinderella style!

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