Eco Fashion Week – Fall 2013 – My Sister’s Closet

My friend Robyn called me last week, excited because she found a vintage Jessica McClintock gown, in perfect condition, for $15.00 at My Sister’s Closet. A producer in the film industry, Robyn is going to look gorgeous at her next gala, wearing this midnight blue, classic gown with such a 50’s Hollywood glamour vibe that I could easily imagine Rita Hayworth in it. She also won’t have to worry about wearing a carbon copy of anyone else’s outfit. And that’s what My Sister’s Closet is all about.

MSC is, hands down, the most amazing thrift shop I have ever seen. And why is it so amazing you’re wondering? Well, for starters, the staff is very particular about what goes on their racks. They sort through all donations, picking only what is in great shape and fashion forward to stock their boutique. But don’t think for a second that they throw away the garments they can’t use. Nope, they send them to other charities in need so absolutely nothing is wasted.

What else makes this boutique so amazing? How about all of the proceeds going to BWSS? If you’re reading this post, chances are either you or a woman you love has been a victim of violence. It’s that prevalent in our society and the women at BWSS are working every day to change that horrifying fact. Shopping at My Sister’s Closet helps fund immediate shelter for women and children in crisis situations as well as education and awareness regarding domestic violence, and that’s the other reason it’s an awesome boutique to support.

During Eco Fashion Week, My Sister’s Closet’s collection is always one of the highlights for me. This season their collection was aptly named Fearless and all outfits in the collection are styled from garments currently for sale at the boutique. Below are a few of the fierce looks that hit the runway…

Can fashion really help change the world?

With boutiques like My Sister’s Closet…it absolutely can.


One Comment on “Eco Fashion Week – Fall 2013 – My Sister’s Closet

  1. This sounds like an amazing store~love what they are doing to help women! I love thrift stores & go to them regularly to buy things for my talk show. After all a girl can’t wear the same thing all the time. Thanks for posting this!

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