Thrift Chic

A recent stat shows that North America makes up roughly 10% of the world’s population but uses over 30% of the world’s resources with our unbridled consumer culture.

A large part of this is due to our beloved fashion industry becoming cheaper and more disposable than ever, with the majority of garments mass produced very inexpensively in Asia. A couple of problems with this system is that we are using so much of the earth’s resources to keep producing and then discarding all of these items at such a fast pace and also creating considerable amounts of pollution shipping these pieces all over the globe. Time for a change?


Yep, I think it is. And on that note, Eco Fashion Week, Fall 2013 opened last night proving that fashion forward and eco-friendly aren’t at all mutually exclusive.

As one of my favourite designer/stylist says, “Vintage fabrics are always the best quality anyway”. I totally agree and often search out vintage and thrift pieces when perking up my wardrobe. Pre-loved and vintage are easy on the wallet, easy on Mother Nature and as eco-friendly as you can possibly get. So, I was excited to see thrift shopping celebrated last night with the $500 Value Village Challenge. Three designers are given $500 each to buy items at VV Boutique and then use their creativity to style the garments into a runway collection. The results? Eco-fabulous.

Below are a sampling of photos from the opening night Value Village Thrift Styling Challenge by stylists Kenneth Wyse, Dandilion Wind Opaine and Claire Bouvier, all proving just how amazing artful thrift fashion can be…


3 Comments on “Thrift Chic

  1. How very true that the fashion industry is wasteful. The thing is, is that nobody likes the stigma of thrift store finds as opposed to new. But if the consumer didn’t know of a certain garments origin and was led to believe that it was hot off the runway, the fact that it might be a thrift store find wouldn’t even be an issue.

    • So true, some people really have a issue with thrift stores. Hopefully that will change because they’re a treasure chest of unique, funky items, great buys and the most eco-friendly way to shop. I love thrifting with a passion and always proudly announce my under $10 thrift store fashions 🙂

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