SUP Yoga


Splish Splash, Scream. Splish Splash, Scream.

What’s that sound? That would be me, taking my first sup yoga class.

Trying to stay out of the water while learning stand up paddleboard yoga is both a challenging and pretty humbling experience. If you’ve got your yoga balance down pat on dry land, you’ll be shocked by what a different ballgame it is being rocked by passing boats and ocean waves. After several splashes and spills into the chilly September sea, I stood on my board, shivering, soaking wet and thinking that I must be a little crazy to even be attempting this.

Eventually, with my teacher Julie’s instruction to move with the rhythm of the waves, I mastered a few easy poses (down dog, up dog and plank) and was beginning to feel like I could take on more of a challenge. I finished class by proudly completing a pretty ungraceful, sort of crooked, triangle pose, remembering Julie’s advice to flow with ‘the motion of the ocean’. And my wobbly pose, held for a few seconds before tumbling back into the water, felt absolutely amazing!

As you can see in the above photos, there is a bit of a difference in Julie’s skill set and mine. Still, I can’t wait to go back and do it all again next week. Luckily I’ve acquired quite a taste for salt water.

5 Comments on “SUP Yoga

  1. Well I’m a relatively new SUP’ster and am terrified to try yoga, but I gotta say this post has swayed me! Great pics, thank you!!

  2. i love your mix of fashion food art and nature! i missed out at wanderlust, but i totally have to try SUP sometime.

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