Gratitude has been on my mind a lot lately and listed below are the first three things that popped into my brain when thinking about what I am especially thankful for these days:

my crazy, stubborn, loud, bossy and always loveable dog

lunch and beaver lake 029


016 - Copy (2)

my neighbourhood beach. a haven and escape from big city life.

And the small, simple, happy moments that, when all strung together, create a really good life. Since gratitude loves company, I would love to see what you’re thankful for this week too.

2 Comments on “Grateful

  1. I’m grateful for Rhea, who makes me feel like being a dad is the best feeling in the world, and my crowning achievement.

    I am grateful for Pebbles, as mischievous as she an be, she shows me that its good to just have fun.

    I’m grateful for Jake, because no matter how my day has been, I can take comfort that the moment I walk in the door, I’ve just made his day.

    Most importantly, I am grateful that life has taken me to a point where I can find contentment, enthusiasm and beauty in literally everything.

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