Seawheeze – Part II

The Race

It’s the morning of the half marathon and I roll out of bed, grab my camera and run down to the beach to take photos of the runners. Especially photos of my friend Kim, who’s running in Seawheeze for the very first time. Unfortunately, I drank copious amounts of wine the night before, celebrating my dog’s birthday (yes, my dog’s birthday) and left the house without my memory card. Eeeek!! Back home I go, then race to the beach again and make it just in time to snap a few photos of the end of the run.

Thankfully, they were giving out free cups of strong JJ Bean coffee at the cheering station. After slurping down a couple of cups, hearing fans shouting and music blasting, I’m definitely coming back to life. Okay, I pretty much missed the run but I still have an afternoon yoga class and concert ahead. So, off I go to cat nap, then change into my Lululemons and head downtown.

The Sunset Festival

What’s the ultimate cure for a hangover? Yoga, of course. So, we walk through the park to the closing Seawheeze event and join the biggest yoga class I’ve ever seen. Thousands of yogis sit side by side in the idyllic setting of Stanley Park.

As teacher Ryan Leier takes the stage my camera runs out of batteries and I, of course, have not brought a back-up. I was really looking forward to taking tons of photos and I’m beyond disappointed. I snap a few pics with my iphone before I realize that everything happens for a reason and this class is definitely not a photo-op. Something really special and magical is happening. Ryan Leier asks us to become part of the wind and sun and earth. He asks us to feel the spirits around us lift our arms into the air. I put my phone away and concentrate completely on the man on stage. I’m starting to realize that I’m in the presence of a true guru and I had better pay attention.

To be continued…

2 Comments on “Seawheeze – Part II

  1. Laurel, my daughter Caitlin, mother of Thora Grace, partner of Ryan Leier, forwarded this and your blog post to me.Thank you for sharing both the story of your dear sister, and your comments about Ryan’s class in Stanley Park. I have had the honour and privilege of being with Caitlin, and Ryan for much of the past 4 months, through Caitlin’s pregnancy and the birth of our Fierce Grace. ,The grace, courage, and love they have shown have been inspiring to me, and to many others I know. Part of my healing and comfort now comes from hearing that others also find some healing through hearing the story of Thora Grace’s powerful spirit. Thank you , and Namaste.
    Lindy Powell

    • Hi Lindy, I am so, so sorry for your family’s loss. Hearing Ryan speak about Thora Grace is so heart-wrenching and moving and the courage of your family is truly inspirational. Maybe healing comes in small steps? The healing power in Stanley Park last weekend felt very powerful and I’m grateful I was there to experience it. Namaste xo

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