Beach Yoga


Sunday at 5:45 pm, like clockwork, I walk my familiar route along Kits Beach to the grassy knoll on the hill. There I find my favourite summer ritual.

I unroll my mat and settle in among a colourful group of yogis and yoginis, stretching, meditating and preparing to practice vinyasas by the ocean.

As our class begins, various passersby stop and smile, snap photos or just stare with an incredulous look. You can tell it’s not every day they see 60 people downward dogging, in unison, at the beach.

An ocean breeze washes over me and blades of cool, green grass soften the ground beneath my feet. I situate myself under the shelter of a big grandfather of a tree and every time I raise my arms or legs, my limbs are tickled by its leaves. Yoga + Nature = Bliss.

Surrounded by soothing waves and the big, blue sky, I breathe it all in and let the feelings of peace and happiness flow through me. In this one beautiful moment, life is uncomplicated and good. Very, very good.

“Let it come, let it go, let it flow.” – Khenpo Tsewang Dongyal Rinpoche


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