My Week of Beauty

I’m loving the new perspective my 10 things of beauty challenge gave me as I wandered through my week in Toronto and rural Ontario. The life lesson I learned the past few days is that beauty and magic are around every corner, if you are looking for them…

1. My wise and wonderful cousin, Judith. Beautiful inside and out and radiantly authentic.

2. An unexpected flower box with pretty, purple blooms spilling over the side in the middle of a grey, industrial neighborhood.

3. A lovely Barista wearing an awesome statement hat.

4. Sidewalk yoga!

5. An almost hidden, downtown side-street, lined with massive trees and wildly lush gardens in front of Victorian row houses.

6. Perfectly Bohemian Kensington Market. A neighborhood that makes my soul smile.

7. Sharing ideas and wine by a tranquil lake with my cousin Georgina.

8. Watching dragonflies dance in hollyhock gardens and country roads.

9. A turtle, the spiritual symbol of protection, stability, patience and strength, resting in a sparkly pond.

10. And, last but not least, I found Simba, my very own Lion King guide the first night in Toronto. A good sign.


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