The Rainbow Bridge

Last weekend a friend of mine was driving home from work and lost control of her vehicle. She veered off of the road and, just like that, was gone.

She was one of the sweetest souls I had ever met. Gentle, compassionate, a gifted artist and an impassioned animal advocate. Basically she was the kind of person we need a whole lot more of in the world.

Her death has placed the fragility of our lives at the forefront of my mind. We tend to live our lives in distraction, thinking of the past, planning the future, dwelling on trivial details and not fully experiencing the magic of being present in the here and now.

So, if you find yourself in a situation that doesn’t serve you well; a relationship that isn’t meeting your needs, a job that isn’t supporting your growth, a town that isn’t quite right for you, take the steps to change what needs to be changed. If you have unfinished business with someone you love, muster up all of your courage and address the issue. You never know when this beautiful, tragic, comedic adventure we call life is going to end and it may end in a heartbeat.

When a beloved animal passes on we say that he or she has crossed the Rainbow Bridge and I believe that’s where Chelsea is now too. Where else would this lovely rescuer of homeless animals want to be? I can see her sitting in a sunny meadow, smiling and surrounded by the beautiful animals she loved.

Rest in Peace Chelsea Marie


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