The Farmers Market

My neighborhood Farmer’s Market opened last weekend and I am so excited to have easy access to fresh, local, organic fruit and veggies again. I’m sorry Whole Foods but your mangoes and bananas, imported from Chile and Mexico, don’t hold a candle to this!

Wandering through the tented stalls, with the aroma of freshly baked bread and scents of just-picked fruit, was heaven. My favourite purchase of the day was a carton of strawberries. Not the conventional, too-big, too perfect looking, bland, watery-tasting, possibly GMO strawberries but small, dark red, velvety, oddly-shaped, super-sweet, bona fide organic strawberries. Strawberries the way they are supposed to look and taste. Strawberries so mouth-wateringly sweet and delicious I devoured them all before I even left the market.

For the first time ever I decided to barter a little with the farmers; well actually my budget made the decision. I gathered my courage to ask them if I bought, say, four bunches of arugula and two bags of kelp, could they give me a deal? And, yes, they could! I guess it works out well for both of us. They sell more of their produce and I save a little money, so we both win. I happily filled my bags to the brim and concocted this tonic when I got home:

The Market Special

I cup blackberries

1 cup wild greens

I pinch parsley

1 leaf lemon balm

1 apple

1/2 cup organic apple cider

Fresh, local goodness.


2 Comments on “The Farmers Market

  1. Ma is the president of our local farmers market and we are more than happy to wheel and deal with customers such as yourself. We certainly aren’t in it for the money, more for the friendship and fellowship. Thank you for supporting your local farmers market.

  2. I’m so glad to hear that. I love buying my groceries at the Farmer’s Market but, sometimes when my budget is a little tight, bartering helps me to be able to keep shopping there. I usually only barter if I’m buying a lot of items and then ask if it’s possible to take a few dollars off. I love my local farmers and definitely want them to make money and keep doing what they’re doing!!

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