Day Five – The Juice Truck

Who’s my best friend on Day Five of the cleanse? The Juice Truck in Gastown, that’s who!

This big, happy, watermelon-coloured truck, at the corner of Abbott and Water, has some of the most delicious, freshest and healthiest juices in town. With ingredients like organic cucumber, kale, wheat grass, ginger and mint, it’s a mobile pharmacy that will cure your ills.

Hung-over? How about a ginger, lemon, cayenne wellness shot. This shot will wake you up and balance your electrolytes fast! Having a mid-day slump? A Matcha tea, blueberry, banana smoothie will give you a nice, subtle hit of energy. Suffering from an upset tummy? The Remedy green juice goodness will help make it better. Happily, the list goes on and on.

These yummy, uber-healthy concoctions make me feel nourished, satisfied and so happy that I’m doing a really good thing for my body.

Let food by thy medicine and medicine by thy food – Hippocrates


2 Comments on “Day Five – The Juice Truck

  1. I’m doing a juice cleanse right now too. I wish the was a juice truck in my neighbourhood, how handy! Give that guy a big smile for me!

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