Day Three – Spring Cleaning

Day three of the juice cleanse and it looks like my body is busily cleaning house.

I’m blowing my nose…alot. I’m having to run to the washroom….alot. So much so that I’m starting to wonder where all of this stuff is coming from. Has it just been hanging out in my intestines forever??? I recently read an article about how meat eaters can have a couple of pounds of decaying flesh stuck in their intestines, causing all sorts of bacteria and parasites to flourish. Eeeeek!!! But thank goodness, if that’s the case, it’s all coming out now.

Okay, that said, I also had an intense dream about bacon last night. Bacon! I don’t even eat bacon but that’s all I could think about for the entire morning. Bacon, bacon, bacon. This afternoon I went for a walk along the beach, to take my mind off bacon, and it seemed like the aroma of freshly fried fish and chips was everywhere!!! My stomach got really grumbly and I became obsessed with the idea of devouring an order or two of fish and chips immediately. The only thing that stopped me from doing so was the fear of having my cleansing buddies walk by and catch me on the patio of the fish restaurant with ketchup smeared on my face and a piece of salmon hanging out of my mouth. Not wanting to go there, I regained my composure and walked home, passing all the vendors and restaurant patios without giving them even a sideways glance!

Tonight is going to be a very mellow, restful night. I’m staying at home and away from temptation. My yummy evening/dinner juice is one of my all-time faves, called Sunny G. Hopefully this will put me back on track…

2 mangoes

1 orange

1 large yellow pepper

1 – 2 inch piece of ginger



2 Comments on “Day Three – Spring Cleaning

  1. How’s the juicing coming along? I’m starting today actually and am quite frightened/excited…
    Just to sort this out, do you drink a bunch of different juices a day? Seems like that’s the way to go to fully feed the body.

    Anyway, loving your posts! 🙂

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