Eco Fashion Week – My Sister’s Closet

My Sister’s Closet, a fun and funky Yaletown Boutique selling pre-loved and vintage garments, is also a social enterprise of Battered Women’s Support Services and holds a very special place in my heart.

BWSS’s amazing staff and volunteers work tirelessly helping women in crisis situations. They create programs focused on educating youth and changing society’s attitudes toward violence. I can’t say enough good things about this organization, the strong, magnificent women involved in it and the beautiful sisterhood they’ve created.

In addition to all of this, My Sister’s Closet Boutique is as eco-fashion friendly as it gets. They sell only gently used or vintage items and they do it with flare and style. It’s always a pleasure and a treasure-seeking adventure to spend a little time at the shop.

I was looking forward to their runway collection, Sisterhoood Swagger, expecting it to be really interesting and creative. The collection, however, was beyond all of my expectations. Uber-fabulous.

If I wasn’t already a big fan of thrift shopping, this collection of amazing outfits would have definitely turned me into one…

Eco Fashion that is also creating a better world for us all. Brava!

efw 2 042

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