Slow Yoga


A quiet, peaceful yoga class at the end of the day is a wonderful way to transition from work to relaxation. Every so often though I find it really difficult to switch gears and settle into my yoga vibe when I get to class. There I sit, uptight and anxious, mind racing as I impatiently wait for the teacher to call out the next pose. Not a great state of mind when I’m hoping to re-balance and center myself.

If you find yourself with the same problem, try this: take a deep breath and consciously work on going slow the next time you practice yoga. Give yourself a moment to sink into your body, check your alignment and really notice how you feel. Forget about what your neighbor is doing and how fast. Move through the postures with no sense of urgency and a deep, deliberate breath.

A slower yoga class will put you in touch with yourself, your body and emotions, in a way that way rushing never can. It also may leave you in a zen state of mind that influences the rest of your day…and, maybe even, the rest of your life!

Namaste xo


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