My Unplugged Week

Okay, I did it. I hid my remote and pulled the cord on my TV for a week. This is my diary of the unplugged experience:

Day one: I spent the afternoon on a long hike with a bunch of friends. Then came home, drank wine and emailed people on facebook. Barely noticed that I hadn’t turned on the tv all day.

Day two: I had a glorious beach day with a friend and our dogs. I did at times think longingly about my favourite shows. When I told my pal I was giving up tv for a week she asked if I was crazy. Yes, maybe… I spent the evening on the sofa, hugging my dog, staring into space and compulsively playing old cds. Did not feel good.

Day Three: Home from the office and I almost picked up and turned on the remote. Decided to tuck it away in the back of a drawer. I’ve been reading articles about the brainwashing power of tv (endless commercials telling us we NEED to buy never ending stuff and the pacifying effect it has on us making us more and more apathetic) and playing around on pinterest for a couple of hours now. I feel…..strange and kind of empty. Deep breath. Goodnight.

Day Four: I’m feeling really weird today. I can only describe it as energized, motivated and, at the same time, oddly anxious. I keep thinking “is this tv withdrawal or something else? Am I going crazy, getting sick?” We’ll see if it lasts.

Day Five: Still motivated and energized but anxiety is pretty much gone. I feel really, really good. This evening I listened to my favourite cds, lit candles and read a book I’ve been wanting to read for a very long time but couldn’t interrupt my viewing schedule long enough to actually get around to opening it. Bliss. Not much tv anxiety at all. Asked a lot of people at work if they thought tv “dumbs us down” and makes us apathetic. The consensus was a resounding yes!

Day Six: Today at work we discussed subliminal methods of marketing in tv ads. Eeeek! The more I delve into this, the less I want to even own a television. I’m having radical thoughts of selling my set and replacing it with a big, gorgeous terrarium. Too much too soon? Perhaps. But I’ve always been an extreme kinda gal.

photo (3)

Day Seven: Except for flashes of feeling uncomfortable and strange without the comfort of my television, I am still feeling really wonderful. Energized, focused, happy. Definitely more chatty since I don’t have my best friend, the tv, to turn to anymore. Without the distract of my favourite shows, I have way more time for everything I really want to do. The tv is definitely going. A craigslist ad is going up tomorrow and I am jumping into this new experiment/adventure full force. It`s dawning on my how sad it is that a television set has been the focal point of every living room of every house I`ve lived in since birth. I`m overdue for a little shake-up and a re-organization of my priorities. I’m seriously thinking about saying a permanent goodbye watching someone else live their life and hello to living mine.

5 Comments on “My Unplugged Week

  1. Yay, another person who has discovered there is so much more to life without TV! Pretty soon you’ll marvel that you ever had time to watch. I gave it up just before the show “Friends” came on the air, way back when, and I haven’t looked back since. Good for you!

  2. I was looking for information on terrariums when I came across your blog. I’m really glad I did. As for myself, I never owned a tv, but I was brought up in a different country/culture where activities such as playing outdoors, crafting, and reading were the thing to do. Can you imagine all the hobbies you’ll be able to devolve yourself to w your new free found time? I hope you also post more. You have a beautiful “voice.” Let it be heard. Looking forward to reading more from you.

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