No TV???

It’s time to give up one of my favourite addictions for a week, and if that goes well, eventually forever.

I fell deeply in love with my television set when only a child. The Flintstones, Mr. Dressup and The Littlest Hobo were an integral part of my life as a little girl. And my viewing hours progressed as I grew up. Charlie’s Angels, Cagney and Lacey, Columbo, Barney Miller… The list goes on and on. When I’m in a bad mood, lonely or bored the tube has always been there to numb and soothe me.

Unfortunately, I read an article last week about how my beloved addiction pacifies us in an unhealthy way and how the human brain starts to flatline after about 20 minutes of viewing. What???? Is this why our sociey seems so apathetic about so many things these days? Television viewing is now at an all time high with the average person spending 4 hours a day in front of the tube. A sad state of affairs with most of us watching other people live their lives instead of getting out there and living our own.

Today was day one of cold turkey. I mindlessly reached for the remote about half a dozen times and fondly thought of my favourite shows…but so far, pretty good. We’ll see what this tv-less week will bring!

An interesting post about giving up tv on Cage Free Family:


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