The Frugal Fashionista

So, I want to save money, stop pillaging our earth’s resources by buying more and more “stuff” but still want to look cute. What’s a girl to do?

Shop Vintage, consignment and, the frugal fashionista’s paradise, Sally Ann (Salvation Army Boutique). A few of my friends have already been doing this for a while and they look fab. Really interesting, bohemian and unique wardrobes so I thought I’d showcase the goods and celebrate how amazing second hand and vintage shopping can be.

My model today is my is friend, Louise, and her super cute pup, Lily, strolling through the forest in Stanley Park.

Louise is wearing a red snowboarding jacket from craigslist, $80. Gorgeous Feet First boots, $12.99 from Sally Ann. Jeans, $18.00 from Sally Ann. Lily is sporting a very patriotic sweater from craiglist, $10. All so cute, great deals and recycled fashion. Everybody wins!


Slow is Beautiful


For quite some time now I’ve felt disenchanted with the direction our society is moving in. Our status seeking, money driven, workaholic, connected to the internet 24/7, mindless consumer culture was making me feel sad and empty and I didn’t really know what to do or who to talk to about it. Why, I thought, is everyone living in a frenzy and not questioning if there is a better way?

As fate would have it, a friend lent me this amazing book “Slow is Beautiful, new visions of community, leisure and joie de vivre”. Just what my soul and spirit were craving is written in the pages of this book. It explains why our consumer culture is a breeding ground for deep unhappiness, it explains that psychologically, friendship, family and close connections are the things that make people content and happy, not “stuff” or status. And, most importantly, it gives us all tips on how to create a simpler, slower, happier existence by nuturing relationships and connecting with the natural world around us.

A must read for anyone who is worried about where our culture is taking them and wants to journey down a path less travelled.