Mid-Summer Fete

Living in a society trying to either manipulate Mother Nature or completely remove itself from her can really take its toll on one’s well being and my trip to Public Dreams Mid-Summer Fete at Colony Farms last Sunday was just the getaway my heart and soul needed. A reminder that there is a different and better way to be in the world.


The adventure in Colony Farms started with a walk in the Labrinth and a wish when we made it to the centre. Then onto tea and scones at the Mad Hatter’s Cafe. Play milking a wooden cow came next, followed by a romp through the wet, muddy farm. We screamed and shouted all the way through and my little dog ran and rolled and came out the other side barking and happily covered in mud.

We purchased fruit and veggies at the farmer’s market stand, learned how to make medicinal herb tinctures and ended the day being entertained by a play about bees. The play became interactive so we then ran around the fair making buzzing noises, wiggling our bums and pretending to pollinate the big, bright flowers scattered about the grounds. An important reminder to never take yourself too seriously.



It was a whimsical, joyful and educational day. My soul was refreshed and I was reminded to always stay close to nature in this crazy world…and always make time to play!