100 Mile Diet

Two years ago I spent a summer following the 100 mile diet. I pored over the book and read it from cover to cover, twice. I had weekly Sunday treks to the Kitsilano Farmers Market where I purchased all of my bread, dairy, meat and fish from local suppliers and have never consistently had such good food in my life. It tasted like real food should taste and like the food I remember from my childhood. A childhood growing up in the country where I would pull up organic carrots from the garden and eat them directly out of the ground. No washing required. A little dirt just meant more probiotics.

I was suprised by how healthy and energetic I felt on this diet and also, how fresh and delicious it was. I started to realize just how many chemicals we consume each day in our Standard Diet. Our food is laden with pesticides, gmo’s, food additives, preservatives and who knows what else. Taking a break from this chemical assault on our systems is necessary, I think, and it feels amazing. It’s also very sweet and old-fashioned to be living off the land and supporting local farmers. Just like everyone did back in the day. I’m planning on continuing to eat this way for a long, long time. Giving up pineapples and oranges and bananas seems like a small price to pay for feeling awesome. And I doubt I’ll even miss tropical fruit when I have blackberries, strawberries, raspberries, apples and so much more to take their place. And, speaking of apples….

Dessert tonight:

Avalon unsweetened butter

Sliced BC pink lady apples

Fraser Valley Manuka Honey

Heated on the stovetop in a cast iron frying pan until the honey and apple juice form a light sauce and the apples soften.

Farm to table. Bon appetit!


5 Comments on “100 Mile Diet

    • Just the sliced apples. When they are heated with the honey and butter, it makes a really nice syrup.

  1. Those carrots look so good!
    I love the blog Laurel (and Janet) keep up the good work – stay inspired..

    I remember that you lent me the 100 mile diet book. I still have it somewhere.. just not sure where… ??

    • Thanks Sean! Maybe Janet and I can write about you once your garden in growing !!

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